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Michelle A. Brusatori

Our ongoing effort is directed toward understanding the influence of an applied electric field on the adsorption kinetics of various protein/solvent/surface systems. Using Optical Waveguide Light mode Spectroscopy (OWLS), we are able to follow the time evolution of an adsorbed protein layer in the presence of an external electric field. Kinetic data, such as this, is useful in elucidating and quantifying the mechanisms of the adsorption process.


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Biosensing Under an Applied Voltage Using Optical Waveguide Lightmode Spectroscopy  (Publication Pending)


A Kinetic Model of Protein Adsorption/Surface -Induced Transition Kinetics Evaluated by The Scale Particle Theory (1999)


Ph.D. Dissertation

Protein Adsorption Kinetics Under an Applied Electric Field: an Optical Waveguide Lightmode Spectroscopy Study



Optical Waveguide Sensors (Manufacturer)

MicroVacuum Ltd.


Wayne State University

Dept. of Chemical Engineering

and Materials Science



Ph.D., Wayne State University




OWLS Biosensor and Flow Cell 

(Modified for the Application of

an External Electric Field)